We Offer

     Christian Worship:

           Weekly service on Sunday at 10:00a

              Christ centered worship

              Services that emphasize what God does for us

              Services that emphasize participation

              Services that focus on the sacraments

              Services that honor the history of the Christian church



      Christian Education:

              Sunday Adult Bible Class (9:00a)

              Sunday School for children PreK-8th grade (9:00a)
                       Christmas for Kids

                       Easter for Kids

              Bible Basics (adult doctrine course)

              Catechism/Confirmation for children in 6th- 8th grade
                        (Sunday afternoons)

              Vacation Bible School (TBD)

              Midweek Bible Class
                        (Thursdays at 2:45p) 

        Christian Fellowship:

             Summer and Winter Game Nights

             Work Days

             Community Outreach Events

             Community Activities (National Cherry Fest)