Preschool-Kindergarten Memory Work
 September 10, 2017  First Day of Sunday School    

September 17, 2017  
          Lesson: God Saves Adam and Eve 
          Memory Work:  Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
                                    Praise him, all creatures here below;
September 24, 2017 
          Lesson: Baby Moses 
          Memory Work:  Praise him above, ye heav'nly host;
                                    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
October 1, 2017  
          Lesson: God Chooses Moses
          Memory Work: In Christ alone my hope is found.
October 8, 2017
          Lesson: The Plagues 
          Memory Work: In Christ alone—who took on flesh

October 15, 2017 
          Lesson: God Leads His People Out of Egypt 
          Memory Work: No guilt in life, no fear in death 

October 22, 2017
         Lesson: God Leads His People Through the Red Sea 
         Memory Work: A mighty fortress is our God

October 29, 2017
         Lesson: God Gives His People Food
         Memory Work: With might of ours can naught be done

November 5, 2017
         Lesson: God Gives the Ten Commandments 
         Memory Work: The Word they still shall let remain

November 12, 2017
         Lesson: The Golden Calf
         Memory Work: Away in a manger, no crib for a bed

November 19, 2017
         Lesson: The Twelve Spies
         Memory Work: The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes

November 26, 2017   
         Lesson: The Bronze Snake
         Memory Work: Hark! The herald angels sing, "Glory to the newborn King

December 3, 2017  
        Lesson: Endering the Promised Land
        Memory Work: Hail, the heav'nly Prince of Peace! Hail, the Sun of Righteousness!

December 10, 2017 
        Lesson: Working on Children's Christmas Service 
        Memory Work: Christmas Program 

December 17, 2017  
        Lesson: Working on Children's Christmas Service 
        Memory Work: Christmas Program 

December 24, 2017  Christmas Eve

December 31, 2017   New Year's Eve
January 7, 2018
        Lesson: Jesus Heals a aptian's Servant 
        Memory Work: Love in Christ is strong and living

January 14, 2018
       Lesson: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 
       Memory Work:  "Come, follow me," the Savior spoke, "All in my way abiding.

January 21, 2018
       Lesson: Jesus Shows His Glory 
       Memory Work: "I am the light; I light the way, A godly life displaying.

January 28, 2018
        Lesson: The Good Samaritan 
        Memory Work: Then let us follow Christ our Lord And take the cross appointed

February 4, 2018
       Lesson: The Servant Who Did Not Forgive 
       Memory Work: Abide, O dearest Jesus, Among us with your grace

February 11, 2018  
       Lesson: Jesus and the Ten Sick Men 
       Memory Work:  Abide with your protection Among us, Lord, our Strength

February 18, 2018
       Lesson: Mary and Martha 
       Memory Work:  When I survey the wondrous cross

February 25, 2018
       Lesson: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector 
       Memory Work: Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast

March 4, 2018
       Lesson: The Rich Man and Poor Lazarus
       Memory Work:  Were the whole realm of nature mine
March 11, 2018  
       Lesson: Jesus Raises Lazarus
       Memory Work: Hosanna, loud hosanna, The little children sang

March 18, 2018
       Lesson: Zacchaeus 
       Memory Work:  From Olivet they followed Mid an exultant crowd

March 25, 2018  
       Lesson: Mary Anoints Jesus
       Memory Work: "Hosanna in the highest!" That ancient song we sing

April 1, 2018  Easter
April 8, 2018  
       Lesson: Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem 
       Memory Work: I know that my Redeemer lives
April 15, 2018 
       Lesson: The Sory of the Three Servants 
       Memory Work: He lives and grants me daily breath
April 22, 2018 
       Lesson: Taxes to Caesar 
       Memory Work: I love to tell the story Of unseen things above
April 29, 2018
       Lesson: Jesus Before Pilate 
       Memory Work: I love to tell the story, For those who know it best

May 6, 2018
       Lesson: Jesus Dies on the Cross 
       Memory Work: Let us ever walk with Jesus, Follow his example pure

May 13, 2018
       Lesson: The Gaurds Tell Lies 
       Memory Work: Let us suffer here with Jesus, To his image e'er conform
May 20, 2018 
       Lesson: Mary Sees Jesus 
       Memory Work: Let us gladly live with Jesus; Since he's risen from the dead