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Welcome to Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Have you ever turned over a bucket that has been sitting outside and uncovered a mouse (mice)?  When you uncover some things what you find underneath is often times disgusting or even repulsive.   Have you ever opened something  that was in the back of the refrigerator and cringed.  When God's Word uncovers our sin, ouch!  We're not pretty.  We stink.  I don't think that we want our every thought revealed to those around us.  So many of our thoughts are petty, selfish, nasty.  In spite of them and God knows all of them, God loves us.  That is the message that Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church shares as we reveal Christ to everyone we can.  

A friend of mine had a tarp over an old car in his garage.  The tarp was dusty and dirty.  But take the tarp off and you uncovered a '66 Chevy Nova SS Convertible in mint condition.  Sometimes it isn't easy to tell what is underneath until you uncover it.  

We are in the season of Epiphany.  Epiphany is the season of uncovering the glory of Christ.  Wrapped in flesh and blood and looking common to everyone, during Epiphany we see that under that somewhat common exterior is the Son of God.  Jesus didn't look like much growing up.  Jesus didn't seem all that impressive like a dry Petosky stone.  His glory was hidden.  Over the course of the Epiphany season we are going to uncover the beauty of Jesus Christ.  We are going to see his power and love as our Savior.  Join us Sundays at 10:00 am.  We are located in the Cherryland Center.

Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
1728 S. Garfield (Cherryland Center)
Traverse City, MI 49696